2020-21 Bus Information

I am excited to get the school year underway. I know there will be a lot of concerns about

student health and safety this school year. Please know that we are doing everything possible to

keep students safe. The following are the new bus guidelines:

● All bus drivers and students will be required to wear masks while being


● Each bus will have a mounted hand sanitizer for students to use entering and

exiting the bus.

● Social distancing will be enforced, when possible.

● Seating charts will be mandatory and strictly enforced.

● Each bus will be sanitized after each route.

● Buses will be running 15 minutes later this year due to the drop off time at the

elementaries being changed to 7:30 a.m.

One of my main goals as Transportation Director is school bus safety. I am very passionate

about student safety, and it is very important that students always follow the bus rules and

safety guidelines. Please instill in your students the importance of following school bus rules and

safety guidelines.

I would also like to welcome two new bus drivers, Mrs. Lori Trickey and Mrs. Jennifer Jones. I

will list the bus changes below. If you have any concerns about school bus safety, student

safety, or any questions about routes or bus stops please feel free to contact me. My cell phone

number is 501-230-2860 or you can email me at marcus.duran@riverviewsd.org . I look forward

to a great school year.

Judsonia Bus routes and drivers Kensett bus routes and drivers

#42 Mark Castera                                                     #35 Lori Trickey

#38 Stacy Falcinelli                                           #33 Patrick Brown

#40 Kenny Graham                                               #34 Nolan Baker

#39 Jennifer Jones                                  #28 Clarance Chatmon

#29 Gail Hughes                                               #11 Tommy Falcinelli

#43 Sarah Bennett                                                #37 Cedric Smith

#36 Marcus Duran                                              #36 Marcus Duran

Marcus Duran, Riverview Transportation Director