An Invitation to Apply for the Position of Superintendent Riverview School District
An Invitation to Apply for the Position of Superintendent Riverview School District
Kyle Cross
Thursday, November 21, 2019

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The Position
The Riverview School District, Searcy, Arkansas, Board of Education, is seeking a highly qualified
Superintendent. The Board wishes to have the successful candidate assume the responsibilities of the
position July 1, 2020.
McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C., Executive Recruitment and Development has been engaged as the
consultant in a search for outstanding candidates. They will assist the Board of Education in identifying
and screening the candidates.
The Qualifications
The candidate must have the background, skills, and abilities essential for excellence in
educational leadership. The Board recognizes that selecting a superintendent is one of the most
important decisions it will make. The Board developed the following desired characteristics.
The Riverview School District Board of Education is seeking a Superintendent of Schools:
• Who possesses integrity and a strong moral compass along with demonstrating honesty and fairness,
respectful of others, serves as a role model for school administrators, faculty, staff, and students.
• Who is a proven, district-licensed administrator with experience and thorough understanding of the
management of district finance, facilities, curriculum/instruction, and Arkansas school law.
• Who has a vision for success and a focused priority to lead a district with a diverse student population
to high academic performance and achievement.
• Who believes in an open-door policy and is both personable and approachable, highly visible, and
involved in all the schools in the district and in the various communities served by the Riverview
School District.
• Who has the ability to effectively communicate the goals and expectations of the district, as well as
being open-minded and an objective listener of the various constituent stakeholders of the district.
• Who desires to develop a strong administrative team that places strong emphasis on the teaching and
learning of all children served in the district.

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